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United Teas 

Ceylon Tea, today much-admired as the finest in the world

Strange as it may seem, the story of Ceylon Tea begins with coffee. The tale begins in the early 1820s, barely five years after the surrender of Kandy, the last surviving indigenously-ruled state in Ceylon, to the British crown.

Sri Lanka, with its natural geographic situation and widely varying climatic conditions offer a wide variety of teas from delicate to robust, each type with its distinctive intensity, flavor, aroma and taste.

Who We Are

We at United Teas ensure that all our teas are handpicked and carefully selected from some of the finest tea plantations around the country and the Colombo Tea Auctions where the country’s finest teas are auctioned on a daily basis.
Thereafter a stringent quality controlling process right through the blending, tasting and packing process carried out by a team of experienced professionals ensure a high quality end product that’s on par with international standards.

Finest Ceylon Tea

from premium tea plantations

Stringent quality controlling process

Right through the blending & tasting

Highest quality standards

Come in eco-friendly packaging that ensures safety against pilferage and damages

Efficient staff ensures

Timely service in offering a superior service experience to our customers

What We Do

The global demand for high quality black tea has enabled us to concentrate on our core area: export of black tea made to high standards. Packed at a state-of-the-art packaging factory to ensure freshness, Black Tea Exports (Pvt.) Ltd’s efficient staff ensures timely service in offering a superior service experience to our customers. We export bulk tea around the world via a reliable network of medium and large scale distributors.

Tea & Health

Tea is indeed a miracle beverage. It’s bursting with health benefits that are hard to believe.

Tea facts

Tea was first discovered in China some 5,000 years ago. Since then,

Colombo Tea Auction

Records indicate that the first Tea Auction in Colombo took place in 1883.

Making that best Cup of Tea

Making a perfect cup of tea is a fine art that requires clean water, the best tea leaves and plenty of patience.

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